Lines, 2012

New Necklace, 2012


These are just a few pictures of the house as we start to pack everything up for the move. In just about a week we will be living a new house only a mile away from the one we live in now. 

Returning home, 2012

A gift from Matt for the new house. I've always loved these flowers, but I can never remember their name. Matt's grandma Poppie, has them at her house in La Jolla and they are always just as perfect as these ones.


Busy Being on Apratment Therapy!

 Being Busy one of the local stores I sell with got an awesome write up with Apartment Therapy. They have a few select spring pieces. Check it out if you're in the area or at Domy Books. Here are few pictures I took a few months ago.




I just finished updating my Etsy store so if you're interested in buying some Hey Murphy jewelry then check it out. 




My super talented friend Laura White Uhlir recently came over to check my little home studio for her new blog RAD LADY. I'm so pleased how it turned out.  I'm proud to be in such good company with my fellow Austin babes. I do think she should start a companion blog called Steller Dude.

Photo By Laura White Uhlir


In the light of this year's up coming fathers day. I saw this on Design Sponge and I couldn't help myself but post it here. Herriot Grace is a father daughter duo that create simplistic, elegant, hand carved houseware. If their story does make you want to support their business then their awesome products will.

 I pulled these images from their website, but I'm not sure who took them.

Herriott Grace Trailer from John Cullen on Vimeo.


Happy Birthday Dad

This picture was taken by our good friend Beverly Hall in Nantucket. We use to do semi-annual family photos with her. This one is a gem.

 Stephen Murphy, Nantucket by Beverly Hall 1994

This is my Dad in his true form. He has several hobbies, but I think he enjoys the challenge, excitement, and success of fishing the most. Plus he's a pretty good at it. Twice in one summer he ran into the surf and grabbed a bluefish out of the water. Once a rogue wave threw him off the boat  while deep-sea fishing and he demanded that we save his fishing rod before we saved him.

 Fishing, Nantucket, Mass 2011


Hey Murphy Spring/Summer 2012

The Hey Murphy look book is now up on the website. If you would like to see the full look book and wholesale price list please e-mail me at Sarah@heymurphy.com.

Outer Lands, 2010-2012

Outer Lands is an ongoing project based in Nantucket, Massachusetts that strives to depict the effects of natural and manmade erosion on the land and its inhabitants. The work addresses the relationship between changing physical spaces, one’s memory, and the past. 

 Madaket Beach, Nantucket, Mass, 2010
 Front View, Madaket, Nantucket, Mass, 2011

Smith Point, Nantucket, Mass, 2010

House Moving, Nantucket, 2010

 Beatrice and David Emery, Madaket, Nantucket, Mass, 2011

End of the Road, Nantucket, Mass, 2010

Fenced Cliff, Nantucket, Mass, 2010

 Wooden Beam, Madaket, Nantucket, Mass, 2010

Geotubes, Nantucket, Mass, 2010 

Corner View, Nantucket, Mass, 2010

 Mr. Flemming, Nantucket, Mass, 2010

Changing Room, Madaket, Nantucket, Mass, 2010

Sconset Bluff Walk, Nantucket, Mass, 2010

Geotubes, Madaket, Nantucket, Mass, 2010

Mom and Dad, Nantucket, Mass, 2011

The Bluff, Nantucket, Mass, 2010

Sconset Hedge, Nantucket, Mass, 2010

 Sand Fence, Nantucket, Mass, 2011

Beach Front View, Madaket, Nantucket, Mass, 2010

.....more images to come.