New HEY MURPHY Bracelets

Now on Etsy!

Black and White Bracelet, $35

Purple Color Range, $35

Giant Agave

Nick and John standing in front of a giant agave during their visit to Austin.


New Work Space

Home Improvements

This new year is all about finishing projects. To start the year off right Matt and I have already completed several projects. Check out our dining room chairs. We reupholstered them with a huge houndstooth print. It should be noted that he did most of the manual work.

My many new Terrariums

Matt and I waited a while before giving each other our Christmas/Anniversary gifts. Matt had our friend Catherine Hart make handblown glass bowls which he used to make a bunch of small terrariums. They are really the perfect plant gift because they don't need that much care. I think they are pretty awesome.


The Baby Boston Terrier known as Snips

No, not snips but another dog (Lilly) who was staying with Ellen and Will

New York

By Matthew Kemp

BBQ in New York

While in New York we mostly played with the puppy. We did meet up with Matt's old friend Hoops and got 4 1/2 pounds of BBQ in Williamsburg at Fette Sau.

Pulled Pork, Ribs, and Brisket

Homemade Pickles

Waiting in Line

New Years with a Puppy

Matt and I went up to New York for New Years to stay with Ellen, Will, and Snips. These are a few of my favorites.

Ellen and Snips

Puppy in my Pocket

Ellen and Snips again... I can't help it

Ellen, Will and Sneaky Matt

Ellen and I

Matt and Snips

A Merry Murphy Christmas

My family always outdoes themselves when it comes to the holidays, from the house to the homemade eggnog. I never take enough pictures during Christmas but here a few.

Murphy Tree, 2010

By Matthew Kemp


Katie and Brian


Katie's Dog Cruz


Ellen had a little holiday sale before Christmas and asked me to join in with my HEY MURPHY line. It's was awesome. I had some cocktails, played with a puppy, and sold some jewelry. Thanks to everyone who came out! I think meeting Ellen's new puppy Snips was the highlight of my trip.


New HEY MURPHY Bracelets

Ellen and I with her awesome clothes

Me with Ellen's new puppy Snips , By Matthew Kemp